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How to clean the stainless steel chain

How to clean the stainless steel chain

Update Time:2019-05-17

Stainless steelchain is very useful in power transmission, but we can’t ignore the cleaningwhen we use them, otherwise it will affect the service efficiency. To reducingthe friction, we use Hyperbolic arc in the stainless steel chain when themachine run slow but the transmission ratio is high.

We can’t forget toclean the chain once using them, especially on rainy day or in humidenvironment. Normally we can use dry cloth to wipe the chain and attachment.But for the sand and mud dirt accumulated between the chain links, the oldtoothbrush is a good tool.

We can usesoap-suds when cleaning the stainless steel chain, but don't use the cleanserin strong acid or strong base. The chemical agent and solvent will damage thechain link and cause broken.In addition, thecleaning naphtha and organic solvent are forbidden to use, they were not onlydamage the environment but also wash off the lubricating oil in bearing part.