ZMIE conveyor chains, drop forged chains, roller chains and sprockets are used in any moving fields. Wherever things needs to be lifted, moved, rotated or conveyed, our chains and sprockets will appear.

Sugar industry chain

From overhead conveying to sugar industry , ZMIE can provide a widest range of conveyor chains.

Cement Conveyor Chain

ZMIE conveyor chains are able to withstand the many varied and arduous demands encountered in cement factories.

Mining Chains & Sprockets

ZMIE supplys a wide range of special conveyor chains for various mining applications for both fixed and mobile equipment for both underground and surface equipment.

Food industry chain

The food industry uses a wide variety of conveyor chains and vibrating conveyors in a multitude of application.

Water industry chain

ZMIE manufacture a wide range of chains for use in water treatment applications, with variety of materials and design to suit various kind of facilities working under different environment.

Timber industry chain

ZMIE uses appropriate lubricants to reduce wear throughout the long service life of the chain, thereby ensuring a high level of machine availability.

Car industry chain

ZMIE provide high-quality overhead rivetless chain for automative applications like move bumpers and door subassemblies to the production line.

Palm Oil industry chain

ZMIE high quality palm oil chain have good tensile strength and abrasion resistance for sale and efficient production.

  • 20 years experience

    Transmission+Conveyor Industry

    ZMIE grew out of Zhejiang Machinery Import & Export Company, who is the largest machinery state-owned enterprise for machinery exports in the 1990’s. In 2000 the transmission parts sector went independent and started operating under the new name of ZMIE. From the original single offer of standard products till now have a professional technical team and sales to provide more solutions and help customers improve efficiency and reduce costs, our product lines and services keep expanding. ZMIE pays attention on sustainable and long-term relationship with customers. And stand behind renowned brands of the world keeping customers’ privacy and growth at priority.

  • One-Stop Solution

    Standard Product + OEM Product Development

    ZMIE offers more than just products, by providing one-stop solutions. Standard products are completely in accordance with ISO 606 (DIN8187) AND ANSI (DIN 8188) standards. OEM allows you realizing your own product ideas while we only do the implementation. ZMIE works behind many large companies around the world, understanding and supporting customer needs and product requirements.Our technical sales and engineers mostly stay on sight at workshops. We provide visual inspection process and data-based inspection results. It is our mission to control every detail of the product and deliver the quality product to customers.

  • 50 Countries

    Exported to all of the world

    Globally ZMIE have gained the consistent trust of our customers. These customers include influential transmission parts dealers and conveyor system integrators. We provide customers with a wide range of products and services, covering a variety of specifications to suit user’s different requirements. Our products have been exporting to Europe, the United States, South America, Japan…… more than 50 countries in the world. We are proud to be an experienced technical and sales team working with our factory to serve our global customers.

  • ISO9001-2015

    Manufacturing to the high quality standard

    ZMIE has developed a quality management system which satisfies the requirements of several international quality standards like:ISO 9001-2015ISO/TS 16 949Our quality policy:To set appropriate quality standards.To evaluate and act when the quality standards are not met.To plan for improvements to the quality standards.To provide team members the tools necessary to maintain the quality standards.To provide training for the team members that will maintain the degree of quality attitudes, knowledge, and skills required by the quality standards.To meet this quality policy, ZMIE is committed to continual improvement and to meet customer expectations for product, quality, and delivery.

  • Professional Team

    Technical Sales + Enginner Support

    ZMIE employs a highly skilled team of Engineers solely dedicated to the designing, manufacturing, servicing and maintaining of series of chain.From testing tensile strength to evaluating the chain wear life, our quality assurance personnel are always looking for ways to exceed expectations and provide you with the longest life from your chain and equipment.ZMIE technical sales department provide the highest quality industrial chain to the customers.We aim at:To supply quality products and services by aiming to meet the requirements of the customers.To use techniques to monitor our processes and identify problems before they occur.To continually improve our quality management system.To continue to provide all employees with adequate training, resources and support needed.

Ask the engineer?

Are you curious about RuiMin? Thinking about spacing length? Consider the tensile strength? Want to know the wide waist chain plate?

You Might Want To Know

ZMIE offers more than just products, by providing on-site solutions. Our technical sales and engineers do not stay only in office, but also on sight at workshops. Zmie work behind many large companies around the world to understand customer needs and product requirements. It is our mission to control every detail of the product and deliver the quality product to the customer. We provide visual inspection process and data-based inspection results, understanding “ A little difference, a lot better “ .

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