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Stainless Steel Roller Chain

The most common and widely used corrosion resistant roller chain in the world is a stainless steel roller chain. This is due to the highly anti-corrosive properties of stainless steel, as well as the extremely broad range of temperatures and applications that stainless steel chains can operate in.

Short pitch standard stainless steel roller chain

Double pitch stainless steel roller chain

Stainless steel chain attachment

chain with extended pin

Leaf stainless steel chain

Hollow pin stainless steel chain

M series stainless steel conveyor chain

Film gripper stainless steel chain

Application Field

Due to the corrosion resistance, durability and strength, stainless steel roller chains are commonly used in a variety of applications, including:
Food Industry

Food Industry

Stainless steel chains are commonly used for food processing equipment such as baking ovens, meat processing machines, flour making equipment and packaging lines due to their resistance to rust and ability to withstand high temperatures.

Health Medicine Industry

Health Medicine Industry

Stainless steel chains are chosen for medical equipment, surgical tools, and even implantable devices because of their excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and biocompatibility. They can be used for hanging instruments during surgeries, securing medical equipment, or even as a part of prosthetics.

Environmental Protection industry

Environmental Protection industry

In the environmental protection industry, stainless steel chains are often utilized for tasks such as wastewater treatment, pollution control, and waste management. They are known for their durability, resistance to corrosion, and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Stainless steel chains can be used to transport and lift heavy equipment in water treatment plants, anchor and secure barriers for oil spill containment, or even support filtration systems in air pollution control devices.

Metallurgical Industry

Metallurgical Industry

Stainless steel chains are commonly used in processes such as metal smelting, casting, forging, and heat treatment. Their high strength and heat resistance make them suitable for carrying heavy loads, such as molten metal, throughout various stages of production. Stainless steel chains can also be utilized in conveyor systems to transport raw materials or finished products within a metallurgical plant.

Packing Machinery Industry

Packing Machinery Industry

Stainless steel chains are commonly used in the packing machinery industry due to their strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. They can be employed in conveyor systems to transport packaged goods, ensuring smooth and efficient movement throughout the packaging process. Stainless steel chains can also be utilized in sealing machines, labeling machines, and other packaging equipment to ensure precise and reliable operation.

Product Specification

Short Pitch Stainless Steel Roller ChainView More

Short pitch stainless steel roller chain is the standard roller chain, which is made up of A series chains and B series chains.

Zmie roller chain has a wide range of standard chains, convering chains in sizes 03B-1 to 48B-4.

Any chain surface treatments are available, such as zinc plated, nickel plated,black finished and so on.

Chain No.PitchRoller DiameterWidth Between Inner PlatesPin DiameterPin LengthInner Plate DepthPlate ThicknessUltimate Tensile StrengthWeight Per Meter
Pd1 maxb1 maxd2 maxL maxLc maxh2 maxT maxQ minq
Double Pitch Stainless Steel ChainView More

Double pitch stainless steel roller chain is equivalent to standard roller chain just the chain pitch is twice as long,except for the pitch , they meet the same standard specifications with respect to their dimensions.

Chain No.PitchWidth Between Inner PlatesRoller DiameterPin DiameterPin LengthInner Plate DepthPlate ThicknessTop Roller Diameter
Pb1 maxd1 maxd2 maxL1 maxL2 maxL3 maxh2 maxt/T maxd3 max
Stainless Steel Chain AttachmentsView More

ZMIE is able to present the most complete line of stainless steel chain and attachment for quick delivery.

They are including bent, straight or lug types, on one or both sides, with extended pins and customized type.

The 304SS series is ideal for environments that require together resistance to acid sand alkali.

ZMIE Chain No.PitchWidth Between Inner PlatesRoller DiameterPin DiameterPin LengthInner Plate DepthAttachment DimensionUltimate Tensile Strength
Pb1 mind1 maxd2 maxL1 maxL2 maxABHTQ min
Stainless Steel Chain with Extended PinsView More

All designs can also be supplied as Marathon roller chains (maintenance-free)

Offered range of products comprises Extended Pin One Side, Extended Pin Both Side and Extended Pin Chains Double Pitch Chains and others.

Offered range of pin chains are extensively acknowledged in the industry for their durability standards, high strength and resistance against corrosion. Furthermore, the offered chains can be availed from us in various sizes, grades and other dimensions.

Chain No.Pb1d2d3LLc
Leaf Stainless Steel ChainView More

Leaf chain is a form of roller less chain commonly used in a variety of materials handling applications and lifting apparatus including:
Tele handlers,forklift trucks, lifts and hoists;Mobile elevated platforms;Machine tools (planers, drills, machine heads and machine centers);Counter-weight balances (jacks, doors and gates)

Leaf chain is a simple construction of link plates and pins. Sheaves (not sprockets) are used to change the direction of the leaf chains.

ZMIE Chain No.PitchChain LacingPlate depthPlate thicknessPin diameterPin lengthUltimate Tensile StrengthWeight Per Meter
P0h2 maxT maxd2 maxL maxQ minq
Hollow Pin Stainless Steel ChainView More

Hollow Pin chain products to help solve a wide variety of challenging conveying problems.

Our popular stainless steel chains offer reliable service in a variety of applications requiring superior corrosion and heat resistance.

A special link pin design distinguishes hollow pin roller chains from standard roller chains.

Hollow pin roller chain links have a similar construction to ISO-standard roller chains; they consist of pin, bush and small roller, so most chains of this type are compatible with the same sprockets as the corresponding standard chains.

ZMIE Chain No.PitchRoller diameter Width between inner platesPin diameter Pin length Inner plate depth Plate thicknessUltimate tensile strengthWeight Per MeterType
Pb1 maxd1 mind2 maxd3 minL1 maxLc maxh2 maxt/T maxQ minq
M Series Stainless Steel Conveyor ChainView More

M series conveyor chain conforms to DIN8167 specifications.

M series stainless steel chain has good resistance to acids and alkali.

All for ZMIE chains are manufactured using heat-treated components for added strength and durability.

We also offer 4 styles of rollers (Type A, B, C,D).

ZMIE Chain No.PitchWidth between inner platesRoller diameter Bush DiameterPin Diameter Pin length Plate Depth Plate DepthPlate thicknessUltimate tensile strength
Pb1 mind2 maxL1 maxd2 maxL maxh2 maxh maxT maxQ min
Film Gripper Stainless Steel ChainView More

ZMIE stainless steel gripper chain is one of your solution for challenging environments, which are used to Gripper chains are used to convey plastic film in "form, fill and seal"packaging machines.

This chain combines the proven gripper design with wear resistant hardened stainless steel components that extend service life and offer the highest load capacity of all stainless steel chains manufactured by ZMIE.

ZMIE Chain No.PitchRoller diameterWidth between inner platesPin DiameterPin lengthPlate thicknesAttachment dimensions

Advice and Guidance

  • Stainless Steel Roller Chain Grade Options
    Stainless Steel Grade

    Stainless Steel Roller Chain Grade Options

    304-Grade Stainless Steel - This is the most common grade of stainless steel used because it has good chemical resistance and is extremely resistant to corrosion.

    316-Grade Stainless Steel is the second most common grade used. Some of the benefits of using a 316-grade stainless steel over 304-grade stainless steel are superior resistance to corrosion, greater resistance to chemical attack, more durable, easier to clean, easier to weld, and in most applications, it will last longer.

    One common misconception today is that a stainless steel roller chain is actually higher strength than a carbon steel chain. Because both 304 and 316 grade stainless is a softer material than carbon steel a standard stainless steel chain can be as much as half the strength of the equivalent chain size in carbon steel material. However, we stock a "mega" stainless steel chain that offers carbon steel equivalent strength ratings due to its extremely complex design and manufacturing process.

  • If your stainless steel chain line is getting old, how to change your chain?
    The general process is below:

    1. Assess the chain condition
    2. Gather replacement chain
    3. Prepare the equipment
    4. Remove the old stainless steel chain
    5. Clean and Inspect 
    6. Install the new stainless steel chain 
    7. Tension the stainless steel chain
    8. Lubricate the stainless steel chain 
    9. Perform Functionality Check

  • If you want to design a new stainless steel chain line,how to choose the chain?
    Below factors need consideration: 

    1. the application requirement, like terms of load capacity, speed,environment (temperature, humidity, chemicals) and operational conditions. 
    2. Select the suitable stainless steel chain pitch size and type.
    3. Material selection: Stainless steel chains are available in various grades, such as 304, 316, and 17-4PH stainless steel. Consider the level of corrosion resistance required for the specific application.
    4. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the chain, considering factors such as initial purchase cost, maintenance requirements, and expected lifespan.

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Related Products of Stainless Steel Chains

Roller Chain Puller

Roller Chain Puller

Chain puller is used to pull two ends of the chain together to allow easy installation of the connecting link.

Roller Chain PullerChainPitchChainPitch
Type 1256.3504B6
Type 26019.0510B19.05
Type 312038.124B38.1
Roller Chain Breaker

Roller Chain Breaker

Roller Chain Breaker also called roller chain detacher, it is a small mechanical device that apply manual force to remove individual roller chain links from a chain so that it can be repaired or adjusted to a different size.

Roller Chain PullerChainPitchChainPitch
Type 1256.3504B6
Type 26019.0510B19.05
Type 312038.124B38.1
Roller Chain Sprocket

Roller Chain Sprocket

Roller Chain Sprocket, also referred to as a sprocket wheel or chain wheel, is a form of toothed wheel commonly used to drive roller chains within industrial power transmission via rotation. The teeth of a sprocket are designed to slot into the links of a roller chain, with various sizes available to accommodate for numerous chain pitch sizes.

More information of roller chain sprocket, click here

ZMIE Quality Control for Stainless Steel Chain

In ZMIE, each stainless steel chain and attachment is rigorously tested before shipment.
Material testing

Material testing

ZMIE analyze the chemical composition of the raw materials, test the hardness, tensile strength, and impact toughness.

Appearance inspection

Appearance inspection

ZMIE inspect the surface of the chain to check for smoothness, cracks, wear, and other defects.

Dimensional inspection

Dimensional inspection

ZMIE measure the length, width, diameter, and other dimensions of the chain to ensure that they meet customer requirements.

Mechanical performance testing

Mechanical performance testing

ZMIE perform tensile tests, torsion tests, and other tests to evaluate the chain's strength, durability, and other performance metrics.

Corrosion resistance testing

Corrosion resistance testing

ZMIE subject the chain to simulated seawater or salt spray environments to test its resistance to corrosion.

Wear testing

Wear testing

ZMIE simulate usage conditions to assess the chain's wear resistance and expected lifespan.

Quality Chain Supplier

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ZMIE conveyor chains, drop forged chains, roller chains and sprockets are used in any moving fields. Wherever things needs to be lifted, moved, rotated or conveyed, our chains and sprockets will appear.

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