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ZMIE was approached by a large US garment wholesaler who were in desperate need of specialized replacement fittings for their overhead conveyor line. The previous American manufacturer had shut down, they had to find a new manufacturer. This piece looks simple but was rather complex , since it involves chains, bearings, rubber rollers and a series of other bits and pieces that would have been impossible for just one or two factories to produce. However, with 20 years of experience in the industry, ZMIE managed to gather together the most suitable parts manufacturers in both transmission and conveyor industries. ZMIE analyzed the sample from the client and sent them to suitable factories within 2 days . When the parts finished , ZMIE carried out testing after assembly, sending out two sets of samples. They were soon approved by the joyful customer. Two months later, 1500 complete sets of parts were delivered to the customer's garment warehouse, solving their problems. Now, the customer's conveyor line is running well, and ZMIE keeps close contact with them like friends.

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Emergency delivery

Zmie received European customer’s big urgent order estimated 20 x 20 feet containers, amount at nearly 1 million U.S dollars. At the same time, it was requested strictly conform to quality, especially within 60 days delivery. Which was an impossible at usual days, since partial products were casted and material procession will take at minumum 60 days itself. Not mention fabrication afterwards. Plus it was mid-summer, workers’ efficiency was at the bottom . How to do that ? Zmie went to material suppliers and rushed out partial smaller quantity at first , to keep the fabrication starts from very early stage. On the other hand, all the workers are paid higher rate for the coming-out , also in two shifts, taking turns to work during the cooler period of a whole day. It not only guarantees more and more spare parts finished, but made workers’ life happier. Same time we immediately prepared heat treatment furnace as substitute for running one , taking the precaution to assure stable control of hardness in so hot weather.

Through 60 days hard work, and united efforts with workers, the containers are perfectly finished . After being inspected by customer , delivered to the port. That was amazing and encouraging for customers and us. It is not only work, but enjoyment.

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Precautionary assistance

Zmie received a normal sample order from the United States . And following to the sample, ZMIE quickly made a sketch and got the customer’s approval for starting fabrication. While preparing for production our experienced ZMIE technicians noticed that the product to be manufactured needed to be assembled with parts which is not in hand . That was risky, since tolerances are not known. After Zmie patient explanation and frequent following-up, the US customer sent the matching parts and it was discovered that there was indeed an error in the bore size of the critical part, as per the confirmed drawing. Fortunately, Zmie is able to adjust the dimensions in time before production, successfully avoided a big loss for the customer. Zmie was greatly relieved.

precautionary assistance
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