Combination Chain

Combinationchains are made of cast block links and steel sidebars alternately spaced. TheN combination chains have pear-shaped barrels to provide additional metal wherethe chain engages the sprocket teeth to increase the service life of the chain.Combination chains are well suited for abrasive, gritty or corrosive materialsand are a less expensive option to their all steel counterparts

Coastcombination chain is manufactured with cast inner links and steel outer links,hence where the chain name itself came from. Common applications were castcombination chain can be found include; grit conveying, forestry processing,grain handling, elevating applications, and other conveying applications. 


Combination Chain

Cast Combination Chain for forestry processingCast Combination Chain for forestry processingCast combination chain can be found in applications of grit conveying, forestry processing, grain handling, etc.
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