Welded Steel Chain

Weldedsteel chains are of offset sidebar construction and do not haverollers, ideal for high impact and abrasion resistant conveyingapplications. Typically welded steel chains are found in forestry,agricultural, municipalities, grain handling, cement industry, and a wide rangeof medium to heavy-duty conveyors around the world.

Sidebarsand barrels are medium carbon steel. Pins are medium carbon alloy steel and arethru hardened for maximum chain life. Pins can be induction hardened for evenmore wear resistance. The WH chains also have thru hardened sidebars andbarrels for greater strength and wear resistance. All parts can be furnishedwith additional heat treatment on request or as the operating environmentrequires..  

Mostcommon sizes are available  and can be provided with welded attachments.We also have stainless steel welded steel chains for abrasive and corrosiveapplications.


Welded Steel Chain

Welded Steel Chain and attachments for cement industryWelded Steel Chain and attachments for cement industryWelded steel chain is found in forestry, agricultural, municipalities, grain handling, cement industry.
Welded steel drag  conveyor chainWelded steel drag conveyor chainThe welded steel drag chain is comparable to the welded steel chain and in some identical sizes, the drag chain is wider.
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