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How To Select Conveyor Chains?

How To Select Conveyor Chains?

Update Time:2021/4/15
1. Conveyor chains may break when an excessive load is placed on them. Be  sure to use any chain only within its proper load capacity, based on an  understanding of its structure and specifications.

2. Use of conveyor chains alkaline or acidic surroundings can cause brittle  fracture, so be sure to select a chain appropriate for the conditions in which  it will be used.

3. The performance of conveyor chains declines at high and low  temperatures, possibly causing them to break in some situations, so be sure to  select the right chain for the conditions.

Warning – The following points must be strictly observed when using  conveyor chains for vertical conveying.

- People must not be the area beneath the conveyor system.

- To prevent death, injury and equipment damage, use a mechanism to prevent  the load from falling in the event of a chain break, or take other safety  precautions to prevent danger.
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