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Stainless Steel Roller Chain Grade Options

Stainless Steel Roller Chain Grade Options

Update Time:2024/3/5
Stainless Steel Grade

Stainless Steel Roller Chain Grade Options

304-Grade Stainless Steel - This is the most common grade of stainless steel used because it has good chemical resistance and is extremely resistant to corrosion.

316-Grade Stainless Steel is the second most common grade used. Some of the benefits of using a 316-grade stainless steel over 304-grade stainless steel are superior resistance to corrosion, greater resistance to chemical attack, more durable, easier to clean, easier to weld, and in most applications, it will last longer.

One common misconception today is that a stainless steel roller chain is actually higher strength than a carbon steel chain. Because both 304 and 316 grade stainless is a softer material than carbon steel a standard stainless steel chain can be as much as half the strength of the equivalent chain size in carbon steel material. However, we stock a "mega" stainless steel chain that offers carbon steel equivalent strength ratings due to its extremely complex design and manufacturing process.

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