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How to Connect the Roller Chain?

How to Connect the Roller Chain?

May 12,2021
Roller chain

Roller chains are connected by connecting links or transition links. When both ends of the chain are inner links, detachable link links composed of outer link plates and pin shafts are used, and they are connected by split pins or elastic lock pieces. When one end of the chain is an inner link and the other end is an outer link, the transition link is used for a connection. Only the correct connection of the roller chain can ensure normal use. The following is the correct connection method of the roller chain.

1. First, put the two ends of the standard roller chain on the active and passive roller chain sprockets respectively, and hang them. Then take out the hemp rope, pass one end of the rope through the second link of the chain from bottom to top, and tie it with the head rope.

2. Prepare the pin, chain piece, split pin, and all roller chain parts.

3. Take the other end of the hemp rope and pass it from bottom to top through the second link at the other end of the chain, and then pass the chain link from top to bottom and pass through the third link at the end of the hemp rope (same row) Chain). Pass the hemp rope around the chain link, and then pass through the third chain link (different rehearsal strip) at the other end from bottom to top to connect the two ends of the chain in series. It is not advisable to draw too much rope, usually three, to prevent difficulty in connecting the chain device.

4. Take the chain linker and engage it on the two ends of the chain, adjust the adjusting screw of the linker, so that the first chain link at both ends of the standard roller chain is butted together.

5. Pull the hemp rope tightly to make the two ends of the chain butt together.

6. Take the pin of the standard roller chain and insert it into the sleeve of the first link at both ends of the chain, and align the inner piece of the chain. Align the links in the other row, then evenly drive the chain pins into the inner chain piece and sleeve with a hammer, install the outer piece, and put on the split pin.

7. After the chain is connected, remove the chain connector, put it in place, then untie the hemp rope, and clean up the operation site.

After we connect the roller chain assembly, we can check the roller chain’s working status through some tests. If you still have some doubts about the connection of the roller chain after reading the above methods, please contact us for more information and solutions. At the same time, the roller chains we produce are of high quality and excellent performance, which can meet your purchase needs.

As a quality chain supplier, we have many years of manufacturing experience in this field. Our professional team and strict quality control system can provide customers with high-quality and high-performance products. We also provide a full range of services to provide customers with the most professional solutions. If you want to buy our high-quality roller chains, please contact us immediately!
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