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Events & Exhibition

  • Happy Dragon Boat Festival
    Happy dragon boat festival.
  • Happy Labour Day
    Happy Labour Day to everybody!🥳
    ZMIE office and workshop will be closed from May.1st-5th.
    During these days you can send us mail as usual, we will reply to you as soon as we come back!😀
  • Tomb Sweeping Day
    Tomb Sweeping Day
    Tomb Sweeping Day is one of the few traditional Chinese holidays that follows the solar calendar--typically falling on April 4, 5, or 6.
  • Happy Chinese New Year
    Happy Chinese New Year
    Glimpse of Spring, Wish all friends enjoy a booming 2021 OX new year :)🥳
  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
    Our warmest wishes of a merry christmas!
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