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The Reasons and Solutions for Premature Wear of Roller Chains

The Reasons and Solutions for Premature Wear of Roller Chains

Aug 12,2021
 the reasons and solutions for premature wear of the roller chain

Roller chains are one of the most commonly used industrial components and are widely used in various industries. Roller chains have two main purposes, transmitting power and conveying materials. Since most industrial applications rely on roller chains, we must prevent premature wear of roller chains.

Each roller chain has an expected service life, which depends on the specifications and conditions of use of the chain. Even the highest quality chains used in strict accordance with the manufacturer's specifications will slowly wear out. So if there is premature wear, it may be due to the following reasons.

Haven't chosen a correct lubrication system

One of the most common countermeasures put in place to reduce roller chain wear is lubrication. Lubrication systems are installed in an attempt to prevent wear or to at least delay it to give the chain the best chance of achieving its maximum service life.

If an unsuitable lubrication system is selected (for example, choose a corrosive lubricant or doesn't match the specifications of the chain), its effect will be counterproductive, and the chain may wear prematurely.

The chosen lubrication type and method for a roller chain drive need to be based on the drive's specifications. An optimum lubrication system will help to reduce wear, as well as cushioning impact loads, and assisting with heat dissipation, which in turn can also help to prevent premature wearing in the roller chain drive.

The lubrication system is affected by environmental pollution and loses its lubrication effect

No matter how carefully you use the lubrication system, it still may be affected by contamination. Exposure of the lubrication system to a corrosive environment may prevent lubricant penetration, rendering the lubrication system unusable. Therefore, we should choose the correct lubrication system according to the operating environment, and keep the operating environment as free from pollutants as possible to prevent premature wear of the chain.

The shaft and sprocket are not aligned

Misalignment of the shaft and sprocket may cause the chain to wear prematurely, resulting in uneven load across the width of the chain, and eventually, roller chainplates and sprocket teeth will also cause wear.

We can use a simple ruler, or an accurate laser alignment tool can help ensure that the sprocket and shaft are aligned, and reduce the chance of premature chain wear.

Excessive load exceeding the carrying capacity of the chain

Excessive loads which exceed the chain's dynamic load-bearing capacity are a common cause of premature chain wear. This can occur in the form of both cyclic and shock overloading. Excessive cyclic loading can lead to cracked inner link plates, whilst extreme shock loads may cause pins to bend, twist or break. Must pay attention to choose the right chain product for the predicted application load, and that loads experienced in operation do not exceed the product specifications specified by the manufacturer.

Preventing the premature wear of the chain can reduce the probability of accidental shutdown of the equipment and extend the service life of the roller chain. If you want to know more about roller chains after reading the above content, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

With excellent R&D technology and high-quality product services, we have quickly become one of the leading quality chain suppliers. We take the needs of our customers first, and our experienced manufacturing team and strict quality inspection system can continuously adjust and optimize the plan. At the same time, we can also provide customers with thoughtful one-stop service and effective solution technology. If you want to buy our roller chain, please contact us immediately!
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