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How to Extend the Service Life of Precision Roller Chains for Industrial Applications?

How to Extend the Service Life of Precision Roller Chains for Industrial Applications?

Dec 10,2021
the inspection method of the precision roller chain

The precision roller chains for industrial applications have all been pre-stretched and initial lubricated before they leave the factory. The seamless sleeve design is used to maximize the contact area between the sleeve and the roller to ensure the maximum chain protection wear life. It also has strong tensile properties, which is the best choice for the construction machinery industry and various places that have extremely high requirements on the chain.

When we use and maintain the roller chain, we should check the following in order to find the failure of the roller chain in time and deal with it accordingly.

Visual inspection of the roller chain

1. Whether the inner/outer chain piece is deformed, cracked, or embroidered;

2. Whether the pin is deformed or rotated or is embroidered;

3. Whether the roller is cracked, damaged, or excessively worn;

4. Whether the joint is loose and deformed;

5. Whether there is abnormal noise or abnormal vibration during operation, and whether the chain lubrication is in good condition.

The accuracy of the chain should be measured according to the following requirements

1. The chain needs to be cleaned before measurement;

2. Enclose the tested chain on the two sprockets, and the upper and lower sides of the tested chain should be supported;

3. The chain before the measurement should stay for 1 min under the state of applying one-third of the minimum ultimate tensile load;

4. When measuring, apply the specified measurement load on the chain to make the upper and lower chains tensioned, and the chain and the sprocket should ensure normal meshing;

5. Measure the center distance between the two sprockets.

Measure the elongation of the chain

1. In order to remove the clearance of the entire chain, it is necessary to measure under a certain degree of pulling tension on the chain;

2. When measuring, in order to minimize the error, measure at 6-10 knots;

3. Measure the inner L1 and outer L2 dimensions between the rollers of the number of pitches to find the judgment dimension L=(L1+L2)/2;

4. Calculate the elongation length of the chain. This value is compared with the use limit value of the chain elongation in the previous item.

The Roller chain is composed of an inner link and an outer link. It is composed of an inner link plate, outer link plate, pin, sleeve, and roller. The quality of the chain depends on the pin and sleeve. If you want to know more about roller chains after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

As an experienced quality chain supplier, we can provide users with chain products of various specifications and models. With our excellent R&D technology and manufacturing process, we have gained praise and trust from many customers. We have a professional production team and a strict quality inspection system, which can control the quality of our products in an all-round way. If you are interested in our roller chains, please contact us immediately!
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