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How to Ensure the Proper Performance of the Roller Chain?

How to Ensure the Proper Performance of the Roller Chain?

Dec 24,2021
some tips for regular maintenance of the roller chain

Roller chain drive is one of the main systems used in the industry to convey power and products. As roller chain drives are widely used, production efficiency highly depends on the performance of roller chains. If the roller chain suffers from premature elongation ("stretch") due to wear, it needs to be replaced frequently, which will have a negative impact on productivity and increase operating costs. Therefore, ZMIE has compiled the following methods for maintaining roller chains.

Understand the causes of roller chain wear

Elongation due to wear is a normal phenomenon in the operation of the roller chain drive. The correct selection of raw materials, the manufacture of parts, the preparation of parts before assembly, all are the key factors to realize whether the roller chain can achieve the best performance.

The reasons for the wear of the roller chain mainly include the working time of the chain, the operating environment, and whether it is regularly maintained. Only when the specific source is clear, we can carry out the targeted treatment.

Lubrication and maintenance

During operation, the importance of proper lubrication and maintenance of the roller chain needs to be emphasized again and again. Strictly following the method of lubricating the roller chain will not only reduce wear but will also produce other benefits such as cushioning shock loads and heat dissipation. Lubrication can only maximize the life of your roller chain drive.

Wear elongation measurement

We can measure the wear of the roller chain to determine if the chain is extended to the length that needs to be replaced. If a measurement is required while the chain is still on the sprocket, the system must be shut down first. If the chain has been removed from the sprocket, the ANSI specified measuring load should be applied to the chain to eliminate slack.

The more pitches (pins) included in the measurement, the higher the accuracy. If the measured value exceeds the nominal value by more than the allowable percentage, the chain should be replaced. According to the design of the sprocket, the maximum allowable wear elongation for most industrial applications is about 3%. The allowable chain wear percentage of a large sprocket with 68 teeth or greater can use the relation: 200/N, where N is the number of teeth in the large sprocket.

Regular maintenance and replacement of the roller chain is the key method to ensure that the roller chain performs its due efficiency. As an expert who has studied roller chains for many years, ZMIE can give you some professional guiding opinions to a certain extent.

As an experienced quality chain supplier, ZMIE has become a leader in the industry with its excellent manufacturing technology and considerate service, and many customers choose ZMIE for this reason. We are equipped with a professional production team and a strict quality inspection system to fully control the quality of our products. In addition, we can also provide a thoughtful one-stop service according to the needs of users. If you want to buy our roller chain, please contact us immediately!
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