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In Order to Obtain Good Maintenance Results for the Roller Chain, What Kind of Lubricating Oil Should We Choose?

In Order to Obtain Good Maintenance Results for the Roller Chain, What Kind of Lubricating Oil Should We Choose?

Jan 12,2022
 the selection requirements of roller chain lubricants

For their excellent characteristics such as accurate power transmission, stable transmission, and convenient maintenance, roller chains are widely used in all walks of life.  Especially in today's highly automated production equipment, roller chains have become an indispensable transmission component of mechanical transmission.
Good lubrication of the roller chain can greatly reduce the wear of the chain and extend its service life. Roller chains have the following requirements for the selection of lubricants.
1. Excellent permeability

Since the gap between the roller chain shaft and the sleeve is very small, it belongs to an open environment. At this time, the lubricant is required to have good permeability. If the lubricating oil does not have good permeability, it cannot penetrate into the shaft and sleeve, nor can it lubricate the shaft and sleeve.

2. Good adhesion

When the chain is running, the chain oil will be thrown out due to the effect of high speed. At low speeds, the chain oil drops due to gravity, which will not only pollute the products and the environment but also cause a lot of waste. Therefore, the lubricating oil must have good adhesion, be able to adhere firmly to the friction surface, and will not fall off due to various influences.
3. Excellent lubricity
Because of the different functions of the running chain, the requirements for lubrication performance are also different. Especially roller chains under heavy load and impact conditions need better anti-extrusion and wear resistance, so the lubricating oil is required to have excellent Lubricity to protect the roller chain from wear.

4. Good oxidation stability

The chain drive usually works in a bare environment, so the chain lubricant should have good oxidation stability to prevent the roller chain from being oxidized and corroded and affecting performance.

In addition to lubricating the roller chain by selecting lubricating oil with good performance, we also need to check whether the roller chain components are running well in daily use. . If you want to know more about roller chains after reading the above, we can provide you with professional solutions.

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