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What is a Double Pitch Precision Roller Chain?

What is a Double Pitch Precision Roller Chain?

Mar 12,2022
 the selection requirements of roller chain lubricants

The double-pitch precision roller chain is a roller chain with the same other parameters (such as roller diameter, inner width of the chain link, etc.), and the pitch is twice that of the ordinary roller chain. The following is the basic knowledge of double pitch precision roller chains.

The double-pitch precision roller chain is a chain derived from part of the short-pitch precision roller chain, so except for the double-pitch relationship between them, the link size is basically the same. Compared with short-pitch chains, the use of double-pitch chains has lower transmission power and running speed.

The minimum tensile load of the chain is the minimum tensile load value that the zipper must be able to achieve when a tensile test is performed on a single-row chain sample. The minimum tensile load is not the working load, it is mainly used to compare chains of different structures.

If the failure occurs on the chain link connecting the specimen and the chuck, the test is invalid. Even if the chain is not obviously damaged after being subjected to the minimum tensile load, the stress on the roller chain has exceeded the yield point of the material, so the chain after the tensile test cannot be used. The length of the assembled double-pitch roller chain should be measured after inspection and lubrication.

The double-pitch precision roller chain with a straight-edge chainplate for conveying is indicated by adding C in front of the corresponding drive chain number. When a large roller chain is used, L must be added after the chain number. When it is necessary to distinguish the size of the chain, add S after the chain number of the small roller chain.

The double-pitch roller chain (Type A) is a chain with twice the pitch of the standard roller chain based on JIS and ANSI standards. It is a low-speed transmission chain with an average length and a lightweight, which is suitable for equipment with a long distance between shafts.

The double-pitch roller chain (Type C) is a chain with twice the pitch of the standard roller chain based on JIS and ANSI standards. Mainly used for low-speed transmission and handling, with standard diameter S-type rollers and large diameter R-type roller chains.

At the same length, the weight of the double-pitch roller chain is lighter than that of the ordinary roller chain, and it is suitable for light-load transmission with a large center distance between medium and low speeds.

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